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Since 1995, Curtis Instruments Srl is Curtis Group’s Italian subsidiary and responsible for sales of Curtis products throughout Italy, the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland), Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey.
Leading electric vehicle OEMs around the world rely on Curtis to make their vehicles best-in-class because Curtis motor speed controllers and vehicle control systems set the industry standard with 60 years of innovation and leadership in product excellence. Curtis products are highly reliable and available in a wide range of models suitable to any industrial application. 
Our sophisticated integrated systems for electric vehicles are packed with cutting-edge features and functions that simplify vehicle design. From color LCD displays to foot pedals and joysticks, sensors, CAN I/O modules, and motor speed controllers for traction, steering and hydraulic pumps, Curtis provides all the system components you need. Curtis’ unique motor auto-characterization routine, configurable CANopen profiles, and proprietary Vehicle Control Language (VCL) application software help OEMs maximize vehicle performance with minimal effort. 
Our engineers will support you during every stage of vehicle development, from initial prototype design to product release. Curtis collaborates with vehicle manufacturers on an as-needed basis, whether assisting with the design and development of a complete drivetrain for a new on-road electric vehicle, or simply determining the most appropriate Curtis motor controller to fit an existing drivetrain design. We are experts in “sizing” and in providing specifications for the entire drivetrain to ensure that all vehicle performance and efficiency goals are met. We can assist in the selection of all system elements, such as the battery packs, electric motors, speed controllers, and transmissions or transaxles, for all major OEM applications. 
Curtis can also assist in the design of complete control systems for all types of mobile applications, including complex electro-hydraulic control systems for material handling trucks, aerial platforms, construction equipment, and other off-road vehicles.
For further information, please contact our Director of Sales & General Manager Sig. Pasquale D’Orlando at itsales@curtisinst.it or our engineering team at ittechnical@curtisinst.it.

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